Describe the relationship between privacy rights and RFI

Describe the relationship between privacy rights and RFI

Describe the relationship between privacy rights and RFIDescribe the relationship between privacy rights and RFI

Week 4: Dialogue

Please respond the following assignment in the Dialogue area of Blackboard:

Post a message that explains and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of tagging products with RFID tags. Describe the relationship between privacy rights and RFID. Support your post with at least two peer-reviewed scholarly journal references.

Reply to two students and use your research to add to or challenge the findings of your peers. Support at least one of your responses with at least one peer-reviewed scholarly journal reference. 300-400 words in APA format with proper citing.

Above is the original post that we had to answer below is one of my fellow students post that I need to respond to their post.

Describe the relationship between privacy rights and RFI


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a small electronic device that consists of a small chip (a tag) and an antenna that carries 2,000 bytes of data or less. It serves the same purpose as a bar code by providing a unique identifier for any object it is tagged to and tracked by radio waves. As with any product, RFID tags have several advantages and disadvantages which I will mention next.

Starting with the advantages, RFID tags are either red only or read/write and contain high levels of security, including password protection, and a “kill” feature to remove data permanently. They have large data capabilities to track every aspect of a product from cradle to grave, as well as all locations points along the supply chain. They can be read at close range or up to 300 ft away either individually or up to as many as 40 at one time, at a much faster rate than a bar code.

Disadvantages for use include higher costs associated with assembly and insertion. Readers have greater difficulty picking up information when passing through liquid or metal, or when reader/tag collision occurs, which is when signals overlap or when numerous tags respond at the same time. Also separate chips are needed for read only or read/write due to lack of ability of scanner.

An area of escalating concern, and rightly so, is the increasing invasion of privacy associated with RFID tags and the tracking of practically everything we do. While this has its merits and benefits within business, what is frightening is how far some are willing to utilize this technology. By that I mean the actual implanting of these chip/tags into human beings. This is the ultimate invasion of privacy. Personally, while I don’t appreciate someone knowing every aspect of where I am at any given moment, or what my shopping preferences area and more, at least I have the option to turn off any or all external devices when I want or need to. However, something inserted into my physical body is entirely another matter. That is exactly where things are headed and are in fact happening presently. For example, in July of this year, employees at Three Square Market, a Wisconsin technology company, have the option (at least presently) to have a microchip implanted into their hands. This sounds like the forerunner to what the Bible describes in the book of Revelation that eventually people will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast on their hand or forehead. Could this be referring to the microchip? It is certainly a possibility.


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