Unit IV Project

Unit IV Project

Unit IV ProjectUnit IV Project

Minimum 500 words all references on APA format.

This is to be the second entry in your portfolio, which showcases your ability to decode the concepts from this course and effectively apply them to the world around you. This project entry deals with sociology within a historical sense. For example, what would have happened if Clara Barton never started the Red Cross or if Florence Nightingale never pursued nursing? Those are just a couple examples of historical persons who affected society as a whole.

Using the Internet, research a significant person or organization in history that assisted people, or was an advocate against inequality. Whether through philanthropy, civil rights, teachings, lifestyle, etc., this person/organization has had asignificant impact upon people. Answer the associated questions below.

Unit IV Project


1. Describe the mission and purpose of the organization.

2. Who started the organization? Describe him or her (only if applicable).

3. What changes have occurred in society based upon the work of the organization?

4. What, if any, influence has the organization had?


1. Describe his or her lifestyle.

2. Discuss what led him or her to become an advocate for those in lower social standing.

3. What do you believe we can take away from this person and apply today?

4. Did his or her advocacy invoke a change? Have others followed in his or her footsteps?

5. What, if any, influence has the person had on other


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