The causes and symptoms of anorexia nervosa eating disorder

The causes and symptoms of anorexia nervosa eating disorderThe causes and symptoms of anorexia nervosa eating disorder

The causes and symptoms of anorexia nervosa eating disorder

The causes and symptoms of anorexia nervosa eating disorder as illustrated by (Moore & Kearsley, 1996) Emily Moore expounds on these causes and symptoms the information is grounded on evidence based research. This article supports the one on genetic causes of anorexia, according to (Moore, 1996) the cure for this disorder is unknown, but it is thought to revolve around a combination of Biological, psychological, genetic, and environmental factors. Some researchers sort to find links between genes and anorexia nervosa eating disorder to find its main cause. The study is still on progress to identify two members of a family who have suffered from the eating disorder. The article is not much helpful since there is no concrete evidence. (Nephin, 2002) This two journals support each other carrying the same theme of genetics as a cause of anorexia nervosa.

A study was done to show that genes possess more than half risk causes of anorexia nervosa. This research was done on twins it is the best method since twins are believed to be similar in everything they are the best for experiments. This is a new cause for the disorder and not the common blame game on parents or the patients. The study has been contributed to by many specialists in the field with different ideas. It supports the ideas of Moore, (1996) and Nephin, (2002) on genetics as a probable cause of anorexia nervosa although its ideas are yet to be confirmed.

A study was done to show the long term prognosis of anorexia nervosa it showed that most patients recovered after hospitalization, a few still expressed the symptoms and a few died due to related causes. (Zipfel, Löwe, Reas, Deter, & Herzog, 2000)

The articles supplement one another, some have discussed above. Both journals by Dai & Meng (2000), and Coren & Hewitt(1998) sort to show the possible causes or rather effects of anorexia nervosa. One talks of the possibility of suicide attempts or occurrences among the patients while the other seeks to explain the causes of anorexia in anxiety situations these two situations are related to the psychology of the patient. A review by the University of California offers further causes of anorexia nervosa.

The evidence from the articles informs us on many issues. First, we get to have a deeper understanding of the causes of anorexia nervosa on various aspects such as the old the article that dealt with home care adults and those with untreated hyperthyroidism. We learn the effects and damages of anorexia nervosa poses a threat to the functioning of the eye, emotional effects such as anxiety due to effect on the heart, which is health wise.

The articles bring forth a new idea of genes being a possible cause of anorexia nervosa eating disorder scientists associated the genes in transfer through inheritance of the disorder. We gain knowledge on the signs and symptoms of the disorder by this we are able to identify a person suffering from the disease by observation.

The findings are extremely realistic, based on research evidence and scientific it is useful in forming a basis for further research. The outcomes on the various issues discusses such as the mortality rates due to this eating disorder in the adults at a home care, the population that is largely affected by the disorder which are females it develops an understanding of contributing factors. The largely affected groups are the females. The findings on the relation between twins or a pair of members of a similar family suffering from the disorder illustrate the genetic inheritance of the disease. Focusing on the finding that genetics attributes to anorexia nervosa disorder treatment can be achieved biologically just as cases of other genetic diseases are being reduced their transmission extents.

The history of anorexia nervosa since the 1970s provided by one article, it carries very important and educative information. We make a discovery that the disease is not new it begun in the early 1970’s it mostly affected women and of high social status. By this the thoughts go to why this specific group and not all round. Currently it stated it affects people from all societal backgrounds, the rich, the middle and the poor.

The finding on mortality rates that is among the adults in home based care due to anorexia disorder identifies the challenges this people go through. There may not be because of desire to get thin but they lack food and starve hence end up dead because of the eating disorder instead of diseases, or depression, psychological or mental problems.

I can refine my topic further by venturing into the genetic causes of anorexia nervosa this is a new and upcoming field, which has not been largely covered by many researchers. Assumptions are still being made on the issue, although there are some written literature reviews on the subject. I would also refine my topic into genetic causes of anorexia nervosa since it seems challenging to tackle, analyze and make conclusions on the topic. I can analyse critically and basing on one group for instance the middle and upper class females affected by anorexia nervosa.


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