Why is Obesity a Global Health Concern?

Why is Obesity a Global Health Concern?

Why is Obesity a Global Health Concern?


Role of the Nurse in Public and Global Health

Week 6

Obesity: A Global Health Concern

Obesity is a continuing challenge for citizens and health
care providers in the United States, as you likely know. Obesity can lead to
numerous chronic health problems, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
Childhood diabetes is also increasing at a disconcerting rate, which will lead
to an increased health care burden within a few short years. Current estimates
set the cost of obesity on the U.S. health care system at $147–$210 billion per
year (The State of Obesity, 2016). Think about this week’s media as you take a
moment to consider obesity as a burgeoning global challenge.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Compare rates of obesity in the United States to other
developed and also developing countries. Think about how health issues
resulting from obesity compare as well.

Reflect on health promotion and prevention strategies that
nurses can implement.

Contemplate the ethical, cultural, economic, political, and
environmental issues a nurse should consider when developing a primary obesity
health prevention strategy.

By Day 3

Post an obesity health promotion and prevention strategy a
nurse could implement for a specific cultural group in the United States. Then,
modify your message for use in one other country, being sensitive to the
cultural nuances of the country you select. Describe why you chose to take the approach
you did in your strategies and explain any challenges you anticipate a nurse
may encounter when trying to implement these strategies.

Support your response with references from the professional
nursing literature.

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