Do the exercise from Robinson’s book

Do the exercise from Robinson’s book

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Problem 1: Do the exercise from Robinson’s book. Use SIMIO to code the model (page 136).

Develop a computer model for the bank case described in Exercise E6.1 (Chapter 6). First devise the model structure and then develop the model code in the software of your choice. Set up the data so that the mean arrival rate is about 80% of the mean service rate (for the purposes of calculating this percentage both rates should be aggregated across all customer types and service points).

Problem 2: The attached spreadsheet Q2 on the companion web site contains six different datasets, each run for a number of replications. For each data set use time-series inspection and the MSER heuristic to determinate the warm-up period. When do you think MSER worked well, and with which datasets did it struggle?

Problem 3:  Is the new scenario significantly better than the previous one?

Problem 4: Do exercise E10.9 from Robinson’s book. (page 198).

Carry out a sensitivity analysis on a model (e.g. the bank model, the Wardeon Cinema model or the Panorama Televisions model). Select two or three key data and vary them to determine the sensitivity of the results. Vary the data individually and in combination in order to understand their effect on the simulation results.

Problem 5: Do exercise E12.1 from Robinson’s book. (page 223)

Compare and contrast the difficulties that might be encountered in validating a simulation model of:

a) An existing manufacturing plant

b) A unique construction project

Problem 6: In the model codified on the first exercise (Q1), what are the validation techniques that can be applied to assure its validity? Apply at least one method.

Textbook – Simulation: The Practice of Model Development and Use by Stewart Robinson.

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